Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Quilts

I have made two baby quilts this year, not counting the one I sewed for Dani's aunt's baby. This one was not intended to be a baby quilt. My daughter, Marin suggested that I would be lovely to have a quilt made on off-white and white fabric. Although we chose a different quilt for her birthday, I kept the the off-white/white idea in mind as I shopped for fabric. I was at Home Fabrics and their back wall is stacked with inexpensive (cheap) cotton fabrics. There were several in this color scheme that looked good. I just bought several with no plan for a quilt. When Honey's birthday approached and I didn't have a good idea for a gift, I whipped out the whites and made a strip quilt in a zigzag pattern. He was underwhelmed, but at least he had a gift from the heart. It was really too short for him. I showed it to Dani and she mentioned how perfect it would be in her baby's room. Viola! It became hers!This picture shows the pattern the best although the quilt is not finished here.

This is it finished and washed. Quilts look better after they have been washed.

Here is the quilt I originally planned for Graham. I wanted to try a pinwheel design because it seemed easy and worked with the fabrics I chose. I wanted to use men's dress shirts as the fabric. I picked up quite a few at Saver's on their 1/2 price days or when they are $1. I chose blues and whites. For the border I used a man's pajama bottom, and the back is a sheet. Basically this is a recycled fabric quilt.
Because there were so many triangles, I had Joanna (my fabulous cousin quilter) do a swirl in each pinwheel and swirls around the border. The swirls in the pinwheels give the illusion that they are turning. Here is a picture of the back that shows the quilting better:

Here is a picture of the back that shows the quilting better:

This quilt only used one long sleeve of each shirt, and one leg of the pajama pant.


Melanie said...

An amazing quilt, I would love to make a shirt quilt one day!

Marin said...

i want one like the all white one! that is so beautiful.

Shelley said...

I love this quilt, too! The machine quilting is AMAZING!