Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taemin's ugly formalware for MORP

Now that I'm on spring break, I thought I would take the time and update what is happening.
Taemin was invited to MORP and needed ugly formalware. His date's group decided on ugly blue, so off to Savers we went. This was on Thursday night and Friday was the dance, so you can see that I didn't have a lot of time to look or sew anything, but I' proud of the adjustments I made to what we found in the short time I had!

We found a polyester coat in a steel blue (80's?) from Sears. I actually really liked it and suggested he wear it to church. We found a really cool plaid tie that matched well. Anyway, we also found a pair of Levi brushed corduroy jeans that matched the color of the jacket. Next, we found a tuxedo shirt and a pair of patent-leather shoes. Can you believe that we found all this stuff in one store and that it fit him? We couldn't find a bow tie, but we found a crazy print tie that was wide.

We took all this home and started the alterations. First, the tux shirt had no buttons, only holes for studs, so I bought some small rounded buttons on a shank and sewed them on over the opposing button hole. These worked out well and looked like a stud.

The cuffs were French and we had no cuff links, so again, I improvised. I decided to sew two buttons, shanks together to give enough space to place the cuffs between, but I couldn't figure out how to do that and keep them apart. Kevin suggested that I use a straw in between. I worked out great! After all, it is for only one night!

Finally, the bow tie. I took apart the funky tie we bought and downloaded a pattern from Martha Stewart and cut out a bow tie from it. I think it really looked great, although I wish I had made it longer. My copier doesn't enlarge, so I had to hand draw the pattern and didn't make the part around the neck long enough, but it worked okay.

So here he is in all his James Bond glory --

I don't know how "ugly" it is, but it certainly is not in fashion today. Too bad I couldn't find the pale green polyester tuxes and ruffled shirts my groomsmen wore at my wedding reception in 1975!

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Marin said...

it looked pretty good to me. he wore it well