Sunday, December 14, 2008

Brian Stokes Mitchell

My husband calls him my desktop lover because I had a picture of Brian Stokes Mitchell on my laptop to greet me with his cheery (read sexy!) smile. I have since abandoned the picture out of respect for Kevin, but that has not stopped me from having the hots for Mr. Mitchell. I just saw him perform again with the MoTab and thought I must blog about this guy. I feel a little silly swooning over a singer at my age, but I guess my heart's not stopped yet. He has replaced Johnny Mathis as my all-time favorite singer. Mitchell's voice is every bit as good and he doesn't look contorted while he sings.

A serendipitous moment happened a couple of weeks ago when I watched a rerun of Crossing Jordon and who should be guest starring? Yes, our aforementioned babe! And talk about typecasting! He played a high-powered lawyer who ties to seduce Jordan. He can try to seduce me anytime!

Watch Mitchell perform "Laura."

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Melanie said...

He IS Mezmerizing!!