Monday, December 28, 2009


One of the rites of passage for me was getting to wear nylons. I was in the 7th grade when I noticed a girl my age whom I admired walking to church. Her legs were so smooth. At first I thought it was because she shaved her legs, but then I noticed how her legs were all the same tan color. Then I realized she was wearing NYLONS!

This was in 1968, before pantyhose were invented, when to wear nylons meant to wear a garter belt. Now most of you have no idea what a garter belt is. Well, I take that back. If you have shopped at Victoria's Secret or other places that sell sexy lingerie, you have seen a garter belt, but let me tell you -- that was not what we were wearing!

I finally got to wear nylons in 7th grade, which meant I had to shave my legs. I was really grown up! The problem with wearing nylons in the 60's was that our skirtss were so short that your garters were always showing.

Thanks heavens, pantyhose was invented shortly after. Now we could were our skirts as short as we wanted, without being immodest! ;)

Nylons have fallen out of favor in the last few years. At least in Utah. We would rather go bare legged than wear them. I didn't realize this had happened until after my mother pass away, my father offered my sister and I her nylons. We looked at each other and said that we didn't wear nylons.

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