Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas quilts are done!

These have taken awhile to get quilted, but I think I can add all the quilts I have made this year. I started in August with Rachels's quilt and then worked on Dani's aunt's baby quilt. Then for Christmas made a quilt for Marin, Chelsey, and Dani.
This is the one I made for Dani's cousin. Dani picked out the pattern, Merry-Go-Round, and the fabrics from Moda. She got too busy with school and work to finish it, so I took it on since I'm finished with my graduate program and now have lots of time.;) It was a lot harder than I thought since you had to get the points to match in the center, but I think it turned out really well considering it was really my second quilt.

This is the one I made for Dani. She had so much left over fabric from the baby quilt that I thought I would just use it up for her. I knew she liked the fabric since she picked it out. I knew that it would be a surprise, too. I used a simple pattern called Broken Rail Fence since we had already sewn the strips together. I really like how it turned out. I quilted this one myself. I stitch around the inside of each block except the brown ones. I had planned on using a cool template to machine stitch a pattern on those, but I am lousy with the free-motion foot, so i gave it up.

This is the one I made for Marin. It's called Falling Leaves. It is the first quilt where I used applique. Wow, was that time consuming since I had appliqued all the leaves on! My cousing Joanna quilted it using a shadow quilting pattern around the leaves and a leaf pattern on the border. I think it turned out better than I expected since we really changed the original pattern. So cute!

This is Chelsey's. After spending many hours going through patterns and fabrics, she saw this one on the wall at American Quilting. It was a quilt called Ashley's Journey from a book called Piece of Pie. The fabrics are a Moda Sweetwater design called Authentic. It was an easy quilt to cut and piece since the blocks are large and the pieces are only three sizes. The only difficulty was placing them so there were never too many black next to each other, etc. I don't think I did such a good job of that! Joanna quilted an overall floral pattern to reflect the flowers in the quilt.

I really have the quilting bug now, thank to Melanie! That's what sisters are for! I have purchased so many fabrics on sale, that I have about four more quilts to make. Now that Dani and Ryne are giving my a grandchild, I will be making some baby quilts!


Melanie said...

so nice sister, what great work, now what's next?

Amy Jones said...

Jeana, I am DYING over your quilts. They are beautiful. I'm jealous that you have been able to accomplish so much. Nice work!

Jeana Rock said...

Thanks! They are just throws, so not very big or very complicated patterns.

Marin said...

i love my quilt. thanks for working so hard for me